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Dental drills and Surgical Instruments

Medical sector has developed broadly in the past few decades. There is a high demand for new yet perfectly chiselled tools that are used in surgeries and dental corrections. It is necessary for every company to upgrade to these high standards to survive the tough international market. The state of the art drills need to be precise; so we broadened our vision from Industrial tools to Surgical and dental tools. The Research and Development department has worked vastly and deeply into the field, and come up with the consummate designs ever.

Thus we started manufacturing and supplying of Surgical and dental tools in India initially, and later expanded to countries like Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Tools include dental implant drills, surgical pins, surgical reamers and trauma instruments. With quality assurance practices, we are accredited with ISO 13485-2016 certification which accentuates complete accountability for an entire production process that ultimately impacts quality, delivery, and reliability of the product.

Since three decades Spiral Tools, Pune has been the leading brand name in micro drills and surgical/dental tools.